Hi, we’re Will and Sean

Welcome to our podcast about Australian culture in Berlin

You may be inclined to ask, “IS THERE EVEN any Australian culture in Berlin? And, if so, why should I care?” Well, YES, is the answer to your first question – because more and more Australians are moving here. And you should care because Berlin is a uniquely fascinating city, it’s changing very fast, and Australians are playing an increasingly significant role in that change.

Our podcast will find out why, and how.

But what qualifies us to talk about all this? We’re both half Australian, half German, we’ve gone to school in both countries, studied in both, worked in both … and we love this city.

And if you don’t already, you will by the end of this podcast. Guaranteed.*

SO, wo the bloody hell bist du, alter?








*Promotional puffery only. The recording artists known as “Will” and “Sean” will not be held liable for any consequential, special, or incidental losses or damages sustained by the listener arising out of or in connection with a failure to experience a positive emotional response with respect to the municipality of Berlin, Germany.